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out of sight visible no longer. [2 definitions]
out of sorts in an irritable temper. [2 definitions]
out of stock currently unavailable for sale; not present within the merchandise of the store. [2 definitions]
out of sync not operating at the same time and rate; not happening, working, or moving together as required; not synchronized. [2 definitions]
out of the blue without warning; suddenly.
out of the frying pan into the fire from a bad position into one that is even worse.
out of the question not worthy of consideration; unthinkable; impossible.
out of the running no longer participating in a contest, trial, or election. [2 definitions]
out-of-the-way of a place, remote, secluded, or little frequented. [3 definitions]
out of the woods no longer in danger or at risk.
out of the woodwork (informal) out of hiding or concealment, esp. unexpectedly.
out of this world (informal) exceptionally good; excellent.
out of time having no time remaining.
out of touch not in communication (usu. fol. by "with").
out of town away from the town where one lives, works, or is active in.
out-of-towner (informal) one from another place; visitor or stranger.
out of tune of an instrument or voice, not producing the correct pitch. [2 definitions]
out of turn not in correct order or sequence. [2 definitions]
out of wedlock born of unwed parents; illegitimate.
out of whack (informal) not working properly; out of order; badly aligned.
out on a limb (informal) in a risky or vulnerable position or situation; at risk.