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overcrowd to crowd too many people or things into (a space).
overcultivation combined form of cultivation.
overdecorate combined form of decorate.
overdecoration combined form of decoration.
overdemanding combined form of demanding.
overdependence combined form of dependence.
overdependent combined form of dependent.
overdevelop to develop too much or to excess.
overdid past tense of "overdo."
overdifferentiation combined form of differentiation.
overdiscount combined form of discount.
overdiversity combined form of diversity.
overdo to exceed appropriate limits or go to extremes in. [4 definitions]
overdocument combined form of document.
overdone past participle of "overdo."
overdose too high a dose, as of medicine or drugs. [3 definitions]
overdraft a check or withdrawal exceeding the available funds or credit in an account, or the act of making such a check or withdrawal. [2 definitions]
overdramatic combined form of dramatic.
overdramatize combined form of dramatize.
overdraw to write a check on or attempt to withdraw funds from (an account) in excess of available funds or credit. [5 definitions]
overdress to dress too formally or too warmly for the circumstances. [2 definitions]