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overdone past participle of "overdo."
overdose too high a dose, as of medicine or drugs. [3 definitions]
overdraft a check or withdrawal exceeding the available funds or credit in an account, or the act of making such a check or withdrawal. [2 definitions]
overdramatic combined form of dramatic.
overdramatize combined form of dramatize.
overdraw to write a check on or attempt to withdraw funds from (an account) in excess of available funds or credit. [5 definitions]
overdress to dress too formally or too warmly for the circumstances. [2 definitions]
overdrink combined form of drink.
overdrive an arrangement of gears that allows a driveshaft to operate at a given range of speeds with reduced power requirements.
overdry combined form of dry.
overdue not paid, delivered, or returned by the due date. [2 definitions]
overeager combined form of eager.
overeagerness combined form of eagerness.
overeat to eat more than a comfortable, proper, or healthy amount.
overedit combined form of edit.
overeducate combined form of educate.
overeducated combined form of educated.
overeducation combined form of education.
overelaborate combined form of elaborate.
overelaboration combined form of elaboration.
overembellish combined form of embellish.