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ox one of a breed of large domestic cattle commonly used as draft animals, esp. an adult, castrated male. [2 definitions]
oxalic acid a poisonous, colorless acid used as a cleansing agent, laundry bleach, and laboratory reagent.
oxblood a dull dark red color.
oxbow a U-shaped wooden collar that attaches a yoke to the neck of an ox. [2 definitions]
Oxbridge Oxford and Cambridge universities considered collectively as representing British upper-class intellectual life. [2 definitions]
oxen pl. of ox.
oxeye any of various composite flowers, such as the sunflower.
ox-eyed having large, round eyes.
oxeye daisy a composite plant of North America and Europe having a vivid yellow center with white petals extending from it.
OXFAM a British charity, originally named Oxford Famine Relief, engaged in relieving poverty and suffering worldwide and commonly associated with its thrift shops that sell donated goods.
Oxford one of the two major English universities, founded in the twelfth century. [2 definitions]
oxford a sturdy, plain shoe that laces across the instep. [2 definitions]
Oxford gray an extremely dark gray color.
oxheart a large, dark red, heart-shaped sweet cherry.
oxidant that which causes the oxidation of another chemical or compound.
oxidation a chemical process in which oxygen is combined with another element or compound to form a different compound. [3 definitions]
oxidation-reduction a chemical reaction in which atoms of one element lose electrons to the atoms of another.
oxide a compound that includes oxygen.
oxidize to combine with oxygen, as in burning or rusting. [4 definitions]
oxidizer an oxidizing agent, esp. one that is used to power a rocket or fuel cell.
oximeter an instrument used to measure the degree of oxygen saturation of the blood.