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packet a small bundle or parcel. [2 definitions]
pack ice a floating mass of ice composed of smaller pieces of ice frozen together.
packing the process of a person or thing that packs. [5 definitions]
packing box a large box, crate, or the like in which goods or other items are packed for storage or transport.
packing house a plant in which food, esp. meat, is processed and packaged for the wholesale market.
pack it in (informal) to stop what one is doing temporarily or permanently; stop; quit. [2 definitions]
packman see "peddler."
pack off to leave abruptly.
pack rat a large, bushy-tailed, North American rodent known to gather and hide small objects in its nest. [2 definitions]
packsack a sack or bag of canvas or leather that can be carried by straps over the shoulders.
packsaddle a saddle esp. designed to accommodate the load carried by a pack animal.
packthread a strong thread or twine used esp. to tie packages or bundles.
pack train a long line or succession of pack animals, such as mules or horses, carrying supplies.
pact an agreement, esp. a sworn promise. [2 definitions]
pad1 a piece of soft material used as cushioning to protect from abrasion or impact, such as a cushion, mat, or thick piece of blanket or quilt. [12 definitions]
pad2 a soft sound of footsteps. [3 definitions]
padauk any of a family of trees native to Africa and Asia. [2 definitions]
padded cell a room, cell, or the like that is extensively lined with padding and in which potentially violent prisoners or patients may be confined without risk of injuring themselves.
padding material used as pads or to make pads or cushions. [3 definitions]
paddle a wide-bladed oar with a long handle, used with both arms for moving a small boat, esp. a canoe, through the water. [8 definitions]
paddleball a game played on a handball court following handball rules, but in which the ball, resembling a tennis ball, is hit with a short-handled, perforated paddle.