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paginate to number the pages of (a book, magazine, or the like).
pagination the system of numbered pages in a book.
pagoda a religious temple of the Orient, often Hindu or Buddhist and having elaborate roof lines at each of many different levels.
pagurid any of a family of marine crustaceans that have a soft abdomen and live in empty snail shells; hermit crab. [2 definitions]
paid past tense and past participle of pay.
pail a steep-sided container with a handle; bucket. [2 definitions]
paillard a piece of meat, usu. veal or chicken, that is pounded until thin and cooked on a very hot grill.
pain physical distress or discomfort that is usu. caused by injury or illness and is the nervous system's means of signaling to the brain that something is wrong. [7 definitions]
pained having or showing hurt feelings, resentment, or distress.
painful causing pain. [2 definitions]
painkiller a drug for relieving pain.
painless not causing or involving pain. [2 definitions]
painstaking involving or using great care and detailed and diligent attention; meticulous. [2 definitions]
paint a liquid mixture of material including coloring agents or pigments, used to cover the surface of something. [10 definitions]
paintbrush any brush used to apply paint. [2 definitions]
painted bunting a small bird of the southern United States having brilliant blue, green, red, and brown plumage.
painter1 one who practices the art of painting. [2 definitions]
painter2 a rope or line used to secure a boat to a mooring or to another boat.
painting a specific picture done by a painter. [3 definitions]
paint the town red (slang) to go on an uninhibited spree.
pair two like or corresponding items designed to be used together. [10 definitions]