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panfish any freshwater fish small enough to be cooked whole in a frying pan, such as a sunfish.
pan-fry to fry in a skillet or frying pan with a small amount of fat.
pang a sudden, sharp pain. [2 definitions]
panga a large, broad-bladed African knife used as a cutting tool or weapon.
Pangaea in plate tectonics, the single land mass that was composed of all the land on Earth until it began breaking into smaller continents 300 million years ago.
pangolin a toothless mammal of Africa and Asia that feeds on ants and termites and rolls into a ball when attacked; scaly anteater.
panhandle1 the handle of a pan. [2 definitions]
panhandle2 (informal) to beg for money on the street. [2 definitions]
Panhellenic of or pertaining to all Greece or all Greeks. [3 definitions]
Panhellenism the historical theory or advocacy of Greek political unification.
panic a sudden, usu. irrational terror that often provokes wild behavior and spreads to many other individuals. [6 definitions]
panicle an irregularly branching cluster of flowers.
panic-stricken overcome by panic; unable to act because of fear; terrified.
panjandrum a pompous or pretentious official.
pannier a large basket, often carried on a person's back, or as one of a pair carried by a pack animal.
panocha a coarse sugar made in Mexico. [2 definitions]
panoply an impressive covering or array of things. [2 definitions]
panorama a full, wide view of an extensive area. [3 definitions]
panoramic allowing or presenting a wide unbroken view of landscape and the like.
panpipe a primitive musical instrument made of a series of reeds or pipes of graduated lengths bound together, that is played by blowing across the open uppermost ends.
pansophism a claim or pretension to universal wisdom or knowledge.