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paresthesia an abnormal sensation of the skin, such as burning or itching.
par excellence (French) outstanding; without equal; preeminent.
parfait a dessert consisting of layers of ice cream, fruit, and syrup or other flavorings, served in a tall glass. [2 definitions]
parfleche a rawhide soaked in a solution of lye and water to remove the hair, and then dried. [2 definitions]
parhelion an image of the sun that appears as a bright spot near the sun and is caused by sunlight passing through ice crystals in the upper atmosphere; sundog.
pariah a despised or socially outcast person.
Parian of or concerning Paros, from which comes a fine white marble. [3 definitions]
parietal of, concerning, or forming the top and side portions of the skull. [3 definitions]
parietal lobe that part of each hemisphere of the brain that is beneath a parietal bone.
pari-mutuel a system for betting on horse races, in which the winnings are paid from the total amount bet, minus taxes and management expenses. [2 definitions]
paring a piece of outer covering or end that has been cut off. [2 definitions]
pari passu (Latin) with an equal pace or rate; side by side. [2 definitions]
paripinnate of compound leaves, having an equal number of leaflets on each side of the central stem.
Paris the capital of France. [2 definitions]
Paris green a poisonous, bright green powder used in paints, preservatives, and esp. as an insecticide.
parish in certain Christian denominations, a part of a diocese that has its own church and clergy. [2 definitions]
parishioner a member of a church parish.
parity equality in amount, status, strength, or the like. [4 definitions]
park an area of public land, as in a city, that is set aside for rest and relaxation. [7 definitions]
parka a warm outer jacket, often with a hood. [2 definitions]
Parker House roll a roll shaped by folding over a round, flattened piece of dough.