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participant a person who participates or takes part. [2 definitions]
participate to take part; share (usu. fol. by "in").
participation the act or an instance of participating. [2 definitions]
participial of, like, pertaining to, or formed with a participle. [2 definitions]
participle in grammar, a verbal form that may serve as an adjective, as "broken" in "a broken doll"; a gerund, as "scaling" in "Scaling the wall was difficult"; a preposition, as "considering" in "Considering the odds, their victory was astonishing";and an element in verb phrases, as "coming" in "They are coming tomorrow".
particle a minute quantity or piece; speck; trace. [2 definitions]
particle beam a stream of atomic or subatomic particles projected at extremely high speed and used in research, as into nuclear reactions, or in military weaponry.
particle board any of several boardlike building materials made by compressing wood chips, flakes, or sawdust with a bonding resin.
parti-colored having two or more different colors; variegated.
particular of or pertaining to a single person, thing, or event and only to that single person, thing, or event. [7 definitions]
particularism complete devotion to one particular party, system, or the like. [3 definitions]
particularity the state or condition of being particular. [4 definitions]
particularize to state or specify in detail. [3 definitions]
particularly in or to an unusual or particular degree. [3 definitions]
particulate relating to or made of distinct particles. [2 definitions]
parting a division; separation. [4 definitions]
parting of the ways a separation or point of departure.
partisan a person who is strongly or actively devoted to some cause, idea, group, or person. [4 definitions]
partita in music, a series of related instrumental pieces, such as a suite.
partite divided into parts (usu. used in combination).
partition the division of something, such as a territory, enclosure, or concept, into parts. [6 definitions]