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passbook a book in which a bank customer's deposits and withdrawals are recorded; bankbook.
passť no longer in favor, fashion, or use; outmoded. [2 definitions]
passed ball in baseball, a pitch that a catcher should be able to catch, but does not, thus allowing any baserunner to advance. (Cf. wild pitch.)
passenger a person who is transported in an automobile, bus, ship, train, or other vehicle. [2 definitions]
passenger pigeon a formerly common variety of North American pigeon, which has been extinct since the early twentieth century.
passe-partout something that enables a person to go everywhere, esp. a passkey. [3 definitions]
passerby one who passes by, esp. by chance.
passerine of or concerning the largest order of birds, consisting chiefly of songbirds with feet suited for perching. [2 definitions]
pass-fail a system of grading in which letter and numerical grades are not used, and students either pass or fail.
passible open to feeling, emotion, or sensation; impressionable; sensitive.
passim (Latin) here and there; throughout (used in a book or other text to indicate that the word, phrase, or source so marked occurs frequently).
passing going by, in position or time. [6 definitions]
passing shot in tennis, a shot that goes past an opponent who is at or moving towards the net.
passion any strong or intense feeling or emotion, esp. love, sexual desire, or hatred. [4 definitions]
passionate capable of or showing strong emotions. [4 definitions]
passionflower any of various climbing plants native to America and bearing large, showy, colorful flowers and small edible fruit.
passion fruit an edible fruit of a passionflower.
passionless not feeling or showing strong emotion; cold; calm; detached.
passion play a play, often performed around Easter, reenacting the suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross and the events relating to it.
passivate to form a protective coating on the surface of (a metal) to lessen its chemical activity.
passive receiving an action without acting in return, or being unresponsive to something that affects or might be expected to affect one directly. [6 definitions]