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perfect free from mistakes or defects; flawless. [7 definitions]
perfectible able to become or be made perfect.
perfecting press a press that prints both sides of a sheet at the same time.
perfection the state or condition of being without fault or flaw. [3 definitions]
perfectionism the tendency not to be satisfied with less than perfection. [2 definitions]
perfectionist one who tends not to be satisfied with less than perfect performance from herself or himself. [3 definitions]
perfectly in a perfect manner. [2 definitions]
perfect number a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its divisors, including one but excluding itself.
perfecto a standard cigar that is thick in the center and tapers at both ends.
perfect pitch the ability to sing or recognize the pitch of any musical tone heard; absolute pitch.
perfervid extremely eager; ardent; zealous.
perfidious purposely disloyal or treacherous; faithless.
perfidy an act or the practice of conscious, deliberate disloyalty or treachery; breach of faith.
perfoliate designating a leaf with a base that surrounds the stem, which appears to be growing through or piercing the leaf.
perforate to make a hole in. [3 definitions]
perforation a hole or series of small holes, esp. such as is made to cause paper, stamps, or the like to tear more easily. [2 definitions]
perforce out of necessity; without having a choice.
perform to carry out; do; fulfill. [4 definitions]
performable combined form of perform.
performance a particular entertainment presented before an audience. [3 definitions]
performance art an art form involving recitation, music, dance, film, and other media presented sometimes simultaneously and sometimes sequentially, usu. on a stage.