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perspire to exude moisture through the pores of the skin; sweat. [2 definitions]
persuade to cause (another) to do something through reasoning, arguing, or appealing to the emotions. [2 definitions]
persuasion the act of persuading. [3 definitions]
persuasive having the ability to cause another to do or believe something.
pert impudent or saucy. [2 definitions]
pertain to relate or refer to something; have to do with. [3 definitions]
pertinacious tenacious in purpose, opinion, or the like; persevering. [2 definitions]
pertinacity the quality or condition of being tenacious, stubbornly determined, or perseverant.
pertinent of, concerning, or connected to a subject; relevant.
perturb to cause great disturbance in (the mind); agitate or worry. [3 definitions]
perturbable combined form of perturb.
perturbation the act of perturbing, or the condition of being perturbed.
pertussis an acute infectious respiratory disease particularly serious in children, marked by intense spasms of coughing and sometimes accompanied by a high-pitched sound as air in inhaled between coughs; whooping cough.
Peru a South American country on the Pacific coast between Ecuador and Chile.
peruke a wig such as those worn by men in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, often powdered, arranged in large rolls over the ears, and tied at the nape in a ribbon; periwig.
perusal the act or an instance of reading. [2 definitions]
peruse to read or examine attentively and in detail.
pervade to spread or be present everywhere in; permeate.
pervasive spreading or present everywhere or throughout.
perverse stubbornly opposed to what is expected or requested of one, or marked by or inclined toward such an attitude. [3 definitions]
perversion an act or instance of perverting, or the condition of being perverted. [2 definitions]