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pheasant any of a number of fowls that have long tails and characteristically bright feathers in the male.
phellem a layer of dead cells that forms in the bark of woody plants; cork.
phellogen in woody plants, a tissue layer that lies just beneath the outer bark and generates the outer bark cells; cork cambium.
phenacetin acetophenetidin.
phenix variant of phoenix.
pheno- shining; showing. [2 definitions]
phenobarbital an odorless white crystalline powder that is used as a sedative, hypnotic, and antispasmodic.
phenocopy an environmentally produced change in an organism, similar to a mutation but nonhereditary.
phenocryst a large and usu. conspicuous crystal embedded in volcanic rock containing many such crystals.
phenol a poisonous white acidic compound found in the tars of wood and coal, or derived from benzene, and used primarily as a disinfectant or antiseptic. [2 definitions]
phenolphthalein a white or pale yellow crystalline powder that is used in making dyes and as an acid-base indicator and a laxative.
phenom (slang) an outstandingly talented person, esp. in sports or music.
phenomena a pl. of phenomenon.
phenomenal amazing or extraordinary. [3 definitions]
phenomenology the philosophical study of phenomena, esp. of subjective perceptual experience, as distinguished from ontology, the study of being.
phenomenon a perceptible occurrence or fact. [3 definitions]
phenothiazine a greenish organic compound used to expel intestinal worms in domestic animals, as an insecticide, and in the synthesis of tranquilizers.
phenotype the observable traits of an individual or group, esp. as a function of genetic composition and environment. (Cf. genotype.) [2 definitions]
phenyl the monovalent radical that forms the basis of several aromatic compounds, such as benzene, phenol, and aniline.
phenylalanine an essential amino acid that is a constituent of many proteins.
phenylketonuria see PKU.