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photo (informal) a photograph.
photo- light. [2 definitions]
photochemistry the scientific study of the chemical action and effects of light.
photochromic designating a transparent material such as specially treated glass or film that turns dark when exposed to light and returns to normal when the light is removed.
photochronograph a former device used to take a rapid series of photographs of the same moving object, so as to be able to reproduce the motion.
photocoagulation a technique using intense light energy, such as a laser beam, to produce scar tissue, as in the treatment of certain eye disorders, and in biological research.
photocompose to set (written material) by the technique of photocomposition.
photocomposer a machine used for photocomposition.
photocomposition a process for composing type from the projection of type character images on photographic film, from which the printing plates are made.
photoconductive displaying a change in electrical conductivity upon absorption of light or other radiation.
photocopier a machine used to make photographic copies.
photocopy a photographic copy of a document or other printed material. [2 definitions]
photodetector an electronic device containing one or more photodiodes that converts photons to electrons.
photodiode a device consisting of a semiconductor sensitive to light that functions as a photoelectric cell.
photoduplicate to make a photographic copy or copies of; photocopy. [2 definitions]
photodynamics (used with a sing. verb) the effect of light on the growth and movement of plants or other organisms. [2 definitions]
photoelasticity the characteristic of some transparent materials to be measured for strain by observing their double refraction of polarized light when placed under a mechanical stress.
photoelectric of or relating to the electrical or electronic effects of light or other radiation.
photoelectric cell an electric cell in which the force of the current changes according to the variations of light or other radiation falling on it; electric eye.
photoelectron an electron whose emission from a substance is induced by the absorption of electromagnetic radiation such as visible light.
photoemission the emission of photoelectrons from a surface, esp. a metallic one, induced by the absorption of electromagnetic radiation such as visible light.