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phr. abbreviation of "phrase."
phrasal pertaining to or consisting of one or more phrases.
phrase in grammar, a string of words that has meaning and grammatical order but does not have both a subject and a predicate. [11 definitions]
phraseology characteristic manner or style of verbal expression. [2 definitions]
phrasing choice of words; wording. [2 definitions]
-phrenia a mental disorder.
phrenology the study of the configurations of the skull as an indication of a person's character and mental capabilities.
phthiriasis the condition of being infested with crab lice; pediculosis.
phthisis a wasting away of the body or a body part, such as tuberculosis of the lungs.
phycomycete any of several fungi that resemble algae, such as certain molds and mildews.
phyla pl. of phylum.
phylactery one of two small leather boxes worn strapped on the left arm and forehead by religious Jewish men during regular morning worship, that contain pieces of parchment bearing passages from Scripture. [2 definitions]
-phyll leaf.
phyllo very thin sheets of dough, which produce a flaky pastry when baked for desserts or the like.
phyllo- leaf.
phyllome a leaf or similarly functioning structure of a plant.
phyllotaxis phyllotaxy.
phyllotaxy the arrangement of plant leaves along a stem, or the principles governing this arrangement. [2 definitions]
-phyllous having leaves of (such) a type or number.
phylloxera any of a widely distributed family of insects that feed on the leaves and roots of certain plants, esp. the grapevine.
phylo- race; type.