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picayune having little value or significance; small; paltry. [4 definitions]
piccalilli a relish of East Indian origin, made of chopped vegetables such as green peppers, onions, and green tomatoes, mixed with mustard, vinegar, and hot spices.
piccolo a small flute with a pitch that is an octave higher than that of the standard flute.
pice see "paisa."
piciform of or similar to birds, such as woodpeckers, that have two front and two back toes for grasping vertical surfaces.
pick1 to choose or select from a group. [14 definitions]
pick2 a sharp, pointed tool used for digging, breaking, or chipping rock, soil, or the like.
pickaback variant of piggyback.
pickax a pick that has one flattened, chisel-shaped end. [2 definitions]
picked carefully or specially chosen. [2 definitions]
picker a person or thing that picks.
pickerel any of a number of North American pike, often caught for food or sport.
pickerelweed a North American aquatic plant bearing arrow-shaped leaves and spikes of blue-violet flowers that grows in shallow fresh waters.
picket a pointed stake, post, or peg fixed into the ground, usu. used to make a fence or hold something in place. [5 definitions]
picket fence a fence made of pointed upright pales or slats set fairly close together and often painted white.
picket line a line or cordon of strikers, protesters, or other demonstrators serving as pickets.
picking the act of one that picks. [3 definitions]
pickle a food, usu. cucumber, that has been preserved in a solution of salt, vinegar, and usu. seasonings. [4 definitions]
pickled preserved or steeped in a solution such as brine, vinegar, formaldehyde, or the like.
picklock one who picks locks, esp. a thief. [2 definitions]
pick-me-up (informal) food or drink, esp. an alcoholic drink, taken in order to make one feel more energetic or cheerful.