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pièce de résistance (French) the main course or dish of a meal. [2 definitions]
piece goods goods, esp. fabrics, made in a standard width and sold by linear measure; yard goods.
piecemeal by adding or doing one piece at a time; gradually. [2 definitions]
piece of eight a former silver coin and monetary unit of Spain and Spanish America worth eight reals.
piecework work for which a set rate of pay is established per unit produced. (Cf. timework).
pie chart a circular graph sectioned into pielike areas that are proportional to the quantities indicated.
pied having variously colored spots; piebald.
pied-à-terre (French) an apartment or other dwelling kept permanently but used only occasionally as needed.
piedmont a region at or near the base of a mountain or mountain range. [2 definitions]
pieplant the rhubarb plant.
pier a structure built out from land and extending some distance over water, that is often used for docking boats; wharf. [2 definitions]
pierce to stab or go through with or as if with something sharp; penetrate. [6 definitions]
pierced punctured or perforated. [3 definitions]
piercing extremely loud and shrill. [3 definitions]
pier glass a tall mirror set in the section of wall between windows.
Pierre the capital of South Dakota.
Pierrot a comic male character in old French pantomime who wears loose white pantaloons, a short jacket with large buttons, and whiteface.
pier table a low table set against a wall between two windows, often beneath a tall mirror.
Pietà (sometimes l.c.) a depiction, as in sculpture or painting, of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, holding him in grief following the Crucifixion.
pietism (sometimes cap.) the devotional beliefs and practices of the Pietists. [2 definitions]
Pietist a member of a German movement of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that stressed personal piety over orthodox devotion in seeking to change certain formalities within the Lutheran Church.