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piffle (informal) meaningless or nonsensical talk; babble. [2 definitions]
pig any of a number of omnivorous cloven-hoofed mammals with broad snouts; swine; hog. [3 definitions]
pigeon any of various passerine birds that have a stout body, small head, and short legs. [3 definitions]
pigeon breast a deformity of the human chest occurring as a result of certain diseases, such as rickets, that is characterized by a sharply protruding breastbone.
pigeon drop a swindle wherein a person gives over personal money in response to a fraudulent promise that such funds will bring large returns or profit.
pigeon hawk a small falcon that is closely related to the European merlin.
pigeon-hearted lacking boldness or courage; shy or meek.
pigeonhole a small, recessed area in which a pigeon builds its nest. [5 definitions]
pigeon pea a kind of tropical pea plant that bears vivid yellow flowers. [2 definitions]
pigeon-toed having toes or feet pointing inward instead of straight ahead.
piggish greedy, sloppy, dirty, or boorish.
piggy a young or small pig. [2 definitions]
piggyback upon the shoulders or back. [2 definitions]
piggy bank a small bank, esp. one in the shape of a pig, in which coins are deposited through a slot and saved.
pigheaded obstinate; stubborn.
pig iron iron from a blast furnace that has been cast into blocks. [2 definitions]
piglet a young pig.
pigment anything that is used to or serves to provide color. [4 definitions]
pigmentation the colored condition resulting from the use or presence of a pigment. [2 definitions]
Pigmy variant of Pygmy.
pignolia the edible seed of any of several nut-bearing pine trees.