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pitched battle a fierce battle at close range. [2 definitions]
pitcher1 a vessel, usu. with a handle and spout, used to contain and pour liquids, esp. for drinking. [2 definitions]
pitcher2 someone who throws or hurls a ball, coin, spear, or other object. [2 definitions]
pitcher plant any of various plants bearing slippery, pitcherlike leaves that contain enzymes to digest trapped insects.
pitchfork a long, sharp, fork-shaped tool for moving hay, straw, or the like. [2 definitions]
pitch in (informal) to contribute to a joint project; cooperate with others; help. [2 definitions]
pitch into (informal) to attack verbally or physically. [2 definitions]
pitchman a street vendor or seller of cheap wares, esp. at a carnival, with a colorful sales spiel. [2 definitions]
pitchout in baseball, a ball deliberately pitched outside the plate in anticipation of an attempted steal by a base runner. [2 definitions]
pitch pine any of various pine trees cultivated as a source of pitch or turpentine.
pitch pipe a small musical pipe or pipes with invariable pitch, used as a tuning standard by singers and other musicians.
pitchstone a glassy rock of volcanic origin having the appearance of lustrous pitch.
pitchy full of or smeared with pitch. [2 definitions]
piteous worthy of or inspiring pity or sympathy; pitiable.
pitfall an unexpected or hidden danger. [2 definitions]
pith the soft central portion of certain plant stems and animal parts such as feathers. [5 definitions]
Pithecanthropus (Latin) a former genus of extinct hominids; Java man. (See Homo erectus.)
pithy exactly and concisely appropriate; effective; forceful. [2 definitions]
pitiable worthy of or inspiring pity or sympathy; piteous. [2 definitions]
pitiful worthy of or inspiring pity or sympathy; pitiable. [2 definitions]
pitiless having or demonstrating no pity or mercy; ruthless.