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placeless combined form of place.
place mat a mat, often decorative, used under a place setting at a meal to protect the table.
placement the act of placing or state of being placed; location. [2 definitions]
placenta an organ formed in the womb for supplying the fetus with nourishment. [2 definitions]
placer1 a naturally occurring accumulation of sand, gravel, or the like that contains precious metals or minerals. [2 definitions]
placer2 one that positions things or puts them in order. [2 definitions]
placer mining the mining of placer deposits by washing, dredging, or some other hydraulic method.
place setting the dishes, glasses, and silverware set out on a table for each person's use at a meal.
place value the numerical value of a digit based on its position in a number.
placid calm, smooth, or tranquil.
placket a slit at the top of a blouse, skirt, or the like, that makes it easier to put on and take off.
plage an area of cool or heated gas on the surface of the sun that appears as a dark or light patch on an image produced by a spectroheliograph.
plagiarism the act of wrongfully taking another's words, ideas, or the like and representing them as one's own. [2 definitions]
plagiarize to wrongfully and deliberately claim as one's own (the ideas, words, or the like) of someone else. [3 definitions]
plagiary plagiarism.
plagioclase any of several minerals of the feldspar family that are essential constituents of most igneous rocks.
plague any disaster that affects a large population, esp. a disease epidemic or the sudden influx of harmful insects. [6 definitions]
plaguy (informal) irksome; annoying; irritating. [2 definitions]
plaice any of various edible marine flatfishes; flounder.
plaid a fabric bearing a pattern of stripes of various widths and colors, intersecting at right angles. [3 definitions]
plain easily perceived by the eye or ear; clear; unobstructed. [8 definitions]