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plateful the quantity that a plate can hold.
plate glass clear, ground, and polished glass in large sheets, used for mirrors and large windows.
platelet any of numerous small disk-shaped bodies found in the blood of vertebrates and associated with clotting.
platen in a printing press, the flat plate or rotating cylinder that presses the paper against the inked surface. [2 definitions]
plater a person or machine that plates. [2 definitions]
plate rail a narrow, shelflike strip or molding attached to the upper part of a wall, on which plates or other flat objects can be displayed.
plate tectonics (used with a sing. verb) the geologic theory that the earth's crust consists of several independent plates floating on semiliquid magma, whose constant motion is the cause of continental drift, volcanic eruption, and the like.
platform a level, raised surface used as a place to work, perform, or speak to an audience. [6 definitions]
platform bed a flat mattress support mounted on legs, often having the space beneath enclosed and fitted with storage drawers.
platform scale an industrial weighing device fitted with a platform on which esp. large or heavy objects can be placed and weighed.
plating a thin coating of gold, silver, or the like over a filler of another metal. [2 definitions]
platinic of, containing, or similar to platinum, esp. tetravalent platinum.
platinoid resembling or associated with platinum. [3 definitions]
platinous of or containing bivalent platinum.
platinum a chemical element that has seventy-eight protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure form as a dense, highly malleable, lustrous silvery white solid metal, used as a catalyst, in a variety of alloys, and in making jewelry. (symbol: Pt) [2 definitions]
platinum blonde a person with light, silvery blonde hair. [2 definitions]
platitude an overused, dull, or trivial remark; hackneyed expression; cliché. [2 definitions]
platitudinize to use platitudes in speaking or writing.
Plato a Greek philosopher (427?-347? B.C.).
Platonic of, pertaining to, or resembling Plato or his philosophy. [2 definitions]
Platonism the philosophy of Plato or his followers, esp. the doctrines of idealism.