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pleatless combined form of pleat.
plebe a freshman in a military academy.
plebeian in ancient Roman society, of or belonging to the class of commoners; not patrician. [5 definitions]
plebiscite a direct vote by a population on some important question, esp. a question of national self-determination such as annexation or independence; referendum.
plebs in ancient Roman society, the class of common people as contrasted with the patrician class. [2 definitions]
plectrum a small flexible piece of plastic or other material used to pluck a stringed musical instrument; pick.
pled a past tense and past participle of plead.
pledge a formal or solemn promise; vow. [10 definitions]
pledgee a person to whom a pledge is made or with whom an object is deposited as a pledge.
Pledge of Allegiance an oath of loyalty to the United States of America (prec. by "the").
pledgor in law, a person who deposits an object or property with another as security for a pledge.
-plegia paralysis.
Pleiades an open cluster of several hundred stars in the constellation Taurus, six of which are visible with the unaided eye. [2 definitions]
Pleistocene of, relating to, or designating the geological epoch at the start of the Quaternary Period, from approximately 1.8 million to 10 thousand years ago, when glacial ice was widespread and modern humans first appeared. [2 definitions]
plenary complete or absolute. [2 definitions]
plenary indulgence in the Roman Catholic Church, an indulgence that remits in full the temporal punishment still due to sin after absolution.
plenipotentiary an agent given full authority to act on behalf of another, esp. in diplomatic matters. [4 definitions]
plenitude abundance; fullness. [2 definitions]
plenteous plentiful; abundant. [2 definitions]
plentiful existing in or producing large amounts or quantities; abundant.
plenty a full provision or supply. [4 definitions]