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polyandrous of, characterized by, or practicing polyandry. (Cf. monandrous.) [2 definitions]
polyandry the practice or condition of having more than one husband at a time. (Cf. monandry.) [3 definitions]
polyanthus any of a number of primroses bearing flowers in clusters. [2 definitions]
polycarbonate any of a group of carbonate-containing polymers, such as the polymer found in many water bottles.
polycarpic able to produce fruit many times, as perennial plants. [2 definitions]
polycentrism in a communist political system, the existence of separate centers of authority.
Polychaeta a class of worms in the phylum Annelida characterized by bristled appendages and usu. living in ocean water.
polychaete any segmented worm of the class Polychaeta characterized by bristled appendages on each segment and usu. living in ocean water; bristle worms.
polychlorinated biphenyl see "PCB."
polychrome having many or varied colors; multicolored. [4 definitions]
polyclinic a clinic or hospital that treats every kind of disease or injury.
polyconic projection a type of map on which the latitudinal lines are represented as the arcs of circles with different centers along the straight central meridian, and the other longitudinal lines are shown as curves.
polycyclic having more than one fused, ringlike structures, used esp. in reference to organic molecules.
polydipsia abnormal or excessive thirst.
polyester a synthetic resin used mainly in plastics and textiles.
polyethylene a lightweight plastic polymer of ethylene used for packaging, tubing, electrical insulation, and the like.
polygala milkwort.
polygamy the practice or state of having more than one spouse, esp. more than one wife, at a time. (Cf. monogamy.)
polygenism a theory that each human racial group is descended from entirely separate ancestors. (Cf. monogenism.)
polyglot using or knowing several languages; multilingual. [5 definitions]
polygon a closed, two-dimensional figure with three or more sides bounded by straight lines.