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polystyrene a hard, clear plastic or rigid foam that can be molded for structural applications.
polysyllabic having three or more syllables. [2 definitions]
polysyllable a word with several syllables.
polytechnic of, relating to, or involving many arts and sciences, esp. industrial and technical arts. [2 definitions]
polytheism the belief in more than one god.
polyunsaturated of or designating oils or fats made up of carbon chains whose bonds are not saturated with hydrogen.
polyurethane any of various synthetic resins that can become flexible or set when heated and that are used for coatings, padding, insulation, and adhesives.
polyvalent having more than one chemical valence. [2 definitions]
polyvinyl chloride a white thermoplastic resin, widely used in rainwear, pipes, floor tiles, and garden hoses; PVC.
polyvinyl resin any of several thermoplastic resins formed by polymerizing or copolymerizing a vinyl compound, and used for adhesives, sizings, and coatings; vinyl resin or vinyl plastic.
pomace the pulp or crushed refuse left after juice or oil has been extracted from fruits, seeds, nuts, or the like.
pomaceous of, pertaining to, or characteristic of pomes.
pomade a scented ointment used to keep the hair in place. [2 definitions]
pome a fruit, such as the apple or pear, having an edible inner seed-bearing flesh derived from the carpels of the flower and an outer fleshy shell derived from the floral cup.
pomegranate a reddish fruit with a tough rind, many seeds, and a juicy, edible, mildly acidic pulp. [2 definitions]
Pomeranian any of a breed of small sturdy dog that has long straight hair and a tail that curves over the back.
pomiferous bearing pome fruits.
pommel the knob on a sword hilt. [3 definitions]
pommel horse a padded, fairly cylindrical block on legs, with two removable U-shaped handles on top, used for men's gymnastic feats and routines.
pomology the scientific study of fruits and their cultivation.
pomp ceremonial or magnificent display; splendor. [2 definitions]