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pome a fruit, such as the apple or pear, having an edible inner seed-bearing flesh derived from the carpels of the flower and an outer fleshy shell derived from the floral cup.
pomegranate a reddish fruit with a tough rind, many seeds, and a juicy, edible, mildly acidic pulp. [2 definitions]
Pomeranian any of a breed of small sturdy dog that has long straight hair and a tail that curves over the back.
pomiferous bearing pome fruits.
pommel the knob on a sword hilt. [3 definitions]
pommel horse a padded, fairly cylindrical block on legs, with two removable U-shaped handles on top, used for men's gymnastic feats and routines.
pomology the scientific study of fruits and their cultivation.
pomp ceremonial or magnificent display; splendor. [2 definitions]
pompadour a hair style in which the hair is rolled upward from the forehead and held high, sometimes with artificial support.
pompano any of several food fishes found in the south Atlantic and in the Pacific coast of California.
Pompeii an ancient city of southwestern Italy that was buried in 79 A.D. by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
pompom2 soft material such as threads, feathers, or strips of paper bound at the center or at one end to form a ball or tuft used as a decoration.
pompom1 a rapid-fire automatic cannon, often mounted on ships as an anti-aircraft weapon.
pompom girl a female cheerleader whose routines often include the use of large colorful clusters of streamers that resemble pompoms.
pompon variant of pompom1. [2 definitions]
pomposity the state of being pompous. [2 definitions]
pompous showing or inclined to show an exaggerated air of dignity or importance. [3 definitions]
poncho a wrap resembling a blanket with a hole in the center for the head. [2 definitions]
pond a small natural or artificial body of still water.
ponder to think about something deeply and carefully; meditate. [2 definitions]
ponderable combined form of ponder.