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Ponzi scheme a dishonest investment scheme in which early investors receive artificially high returns from money paid in by later investors, the high returns being publicized to attract further investors.
pooch (informal) a dog, esp. a small one.
poodle any of a breed of dog of three varieties according to size, with thick curly hair that can be trimmed in various standard patterns.
pooh used to express disdain or disgust.
pooh-pooh to dismiss lightly; belittle.
pool1 any small area of liquid that has collected on a surface; puddle; pond. [4 definitions]
pool2 a grouping of businesses or individuals for the purpose of combining resources and deriving common benefit from their association. [7 definitions]
poolroom a commercial establishment for the playing of pool or billiards.
pool table a billiard table with a pocket at each corner and at the middle of both long sides, on which pool is played.
poop1 the superstructure on the stern of a ship. [2 definitions]
poop2 (informal) to cause to become exhausted.
poop3 (slang) reliable information.
poop4 (slang) feces; excrement. [2 definitions]
poop out to become exhausted. [2 definitions]
poor without money, possessions, or other means of livelihood. [7 definitions]
poor boy see "hero sandwich."
poorhouse a residential institution for the poor, supported at public expense.
poor laws a system of laws providing for public relief and assistance for the poor, esp. in England in the nineteenth century.
poorly in a poor manner; badly; inadequately. [2 definitions]
poormouth to complain about one's lack of funds or other resources, sometimes as an excuse. [2 definitions]
pop1 to make a short, light, explosive sound. [17 definitions]