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post-Victorian combined form of Victorian.
postwar of, relating to, or designating the period after a war.
postweaning combined form of weaning.
postworkshop combined form of workshop.
posy a flower, or small bouquet of flowers.
pot1 a deep round container made of metal, glass, or clay, used for cooking food. [7 definitions]
pot2 (slang) marijuana.
potable fit for drinking. [2 definitions]
potage (French) soup, esp. soup that is thick.
potash potassium carbonate or potassium hydroxide. [2 definitions]
potassium a chemical element of the alkali metal group that has nineteen protons in each nucleus, that occurs naturally only in compounds such as various salts, and that can be isolated as a soft silver-white solid that oxidizes swiftly in air. (symbol: K)
potassium-argon dating a scientific method for dating geological specimens, based on the natural rate of decay of potassium into argon, and the ratio of the two elements in the specimen.
potassium bitartrate see cream of tartar.
potassium bromide a white crystalline compound used in photography, spectroscopy, engraving, and medicine.
potassium carbonate an alkaline crystalline powder used to make products such as glass, ceramics, and soaps.
potassium chlorate a poisonous white or colorless crystalline solid used as an oxidizing agent in the making of disinfectants, bleaches, matches, fireworks, and explosives.
potassium chloride a colorless crystalline salt used in fertilizers and in the making of other potassium salts.
potassium cyanide a highly poisonous white powder used as an insecticide and in photography, electroplating, and metallurgy, esp. in extracting silver and gold from ores.
potassium hydroxide a caustic white deliquescent solid or crystalline salt used in the making of soaps, liquid detergents, and glass.
potassium nitrate a colorless crystalline compound used in explosives, preservatives, and fertilizers and as a chemical reagent.
potassium permanganate a dark purple crystalline solid used as an oxidizing agent, astringent, antiseptic, and disinfectant.