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pressurize to sustain normal air pressure in (an airplane or submarine). [2 definitions]
presswork the operation or overseeing of a printing press. [2 definitions]
prestamp combined form of stamp.
presterilize combined form of sterilize.
prestidigitation nimble, dextrous use of the hands in performing magic tricks; sleight of hand.
prestige importance, good reputation, or influence based on one's achievements, wealth, or the like. [3 definitions]
prestigious having prestige; highly esteemed.
prestissimo extremely fast; as fast as possible (used as a musical direction). [2 definitions]
presto at a very fast tempo (used as a musical direction). [5 definitions]
prestressed concrete concrete reinforced with steel cables, wires, or the like, which have been embedded in it under tension and thus actively resist loads.
prestructure combined form of structure.
presumable capable of being taken for granted; reasonable.
presumably judging by what may reasonably be guessed or assumed.
presume to take as a matter of fact without questioning or without proof; take for granted; assume. [4 definitions]
presumption the act of accepting something as true. [4 definitions]
presumptive affording a reasonable basis for belief or presumption. [2 definitions]
presumptuous excessively bold or forward.
presuppose to suppose beforehand; presume. [2 definitions]
presurgery combined form of surgery.
presweeten combined form of sweeten.
pretape combined form of tape.