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print to reproduce (text or pictures) by transferring ink to a surface by means of mechanical pressure. [13 definitions]
printable able to be printed. [2 definitions]
printed circuit an electric circuit in which the interconnections are formed not by wires but by lines or strips of a conductive material printed, etched, or otherwise deposited on an insulating sheet.
printer a person who prints, esp. as a trade. [2 definitions]
printer's devil an apprentice or errand boy in a print shop.
printery a place where printed texts are produced.
printing the process, craft, or business of making printed texts. [4 definitions]
printing press a machine for printing letters or images on paper or other material with inked type, plates, or rolls.
printless combined form of print.
printmaker a person, esp. a graphic artist, who makes prints.
printmaking the art or procedure of making prints.
print-out printed output from a computer or teletypewriter.
print out in computing, to reproduce (data) in readable form on paper, by means of a printer.
print shop an establishment where printing is done; printing office. [2 definitions]
prion any infectious agent composed of misfolded protein, such as the misfolded protein that causes "mad cow disease."
prior1 being, existing, or occurring earlier in time or sequence; former; previous. [2 definitions]
prior2 a priest in charge of a monastery or other religious house, ranking second to an abbot.
prioress a nun in charge of a convent or other religious house, ranking second to an abbess.
prioritize to put or do in order of priority.
priority precedence, esp. because of authority, right, or urgent need. [3 definitions]
prior to before; until.