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prognathous having jaws that jut forward.
prognosis a forecast of the anticipated course of a disease, esp. of the likelihood of recovery. [2 definitions]
prognostic of, pertaining to, or serving as a prognosis. [4 definitions]
prognosticate to predict or foretell on the basis of present signs or symptoms. [3 definitions]
program a plan of procedure; schedule. [11 definitions]
programmatic advocating or adhering to a specific aim or policy.
programmed instruction a program of study divided into discrete units that students may complete at their own pace, being required only to finish one unit before advancing to the next.
programmer one who prepares a program, esp. for a computer.
programming the activity or job of writing instructions in code for computers.
program music instrumental music intended to evoke or depict a scene, story, event, or the like.
progress movement toward a specific end; advance. [5 definitions]
progression the act of progressing. [3 definitions]
progressive moving steadily forward or onward; advancing. [8 definitions]
Progressive Party any of three short-lived U.S. political parties of the early and mid-twentieth century that advocated policies considered progressive or radical in their time.
prohibit to forbid (an action) by authority. [3 definitions]
prohibition the act of prohibiting. [4 definitions]
prohibitive serving as a prohibition; forbidding. [2 definitions]
project any undertaking that requires great effort or organization. [11 definitions]
projectable combined form of project.
projectile an object that is thrown, fired, or impelled by an outside force or weapon. [3 definitions]
projection the act or state of projecting. [7 definitions]