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propensity a natural or inborn tendency, aptitude, or preference (often fol. by an infinitive or "for").
proper suitable to the purpose or circumstances; appropriate. [5 definitions]
proper fraction a fraction in which the numerator is smaller or lower in degree than the denominator.
properly in an appropriate way. [5 definitions]
proper name see "proper noun."
proper noun a noun that is the name of a person, such as "Lincoln," or a thing, such as "Atlantic" or "IBM." Titles, such as "Mr.," are also considered proper nouns. Proper nouns are usually capitalized. (Cf. common noun.)
propertied owning property.
property the sum total of items owned, or a part of that sum; possessions collectively. [5 definitions]
propertyless combined form of property.
prophecy a prediction or admonition, esp. when uttered by one considered to be a divine agent or prophet. [3 definitions]
prophesy to foretell or reveal, esp. under divine inspiration. [5 definitions]
prophet one who predicts the future, esp. one considered to be speaking under divine inspiration and revealing divine will. [5 definitions]
prophetess a female prophet.
prophetic of, pertaining to, or serving as a prophet or a prophecy. [2 definitions]
prophylactic protective or preventive, esp. against disease. [3 definitions]
prophylaxis the prevention of or protection against disease, as by medical treatment.
propinquity nearness in location or time; proximity. [3 definitions]
propionate a salt or ester of propionic acid.
propionic acid a colorless oily liquid used to inhibit bread mold and to make perfumes and artificial flavorings.
propitiate to overcome the disfavor or distrust of; conciliate; appease.
propitiation an act or instance of appeasing or conciliating. [2 definitions]