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pup a dog that is not fully grown; puppy. [3 definitions]
pupa an intermediate stage in the development of many insects, such as butterflies, during which they do not eat and are often encased in a cocoon. [2 definitions]
pupate to become a pupa.
pupil1 any person who studies under a teacher.
pupil2 the small, dark, circular opening in the center of the eye, through which light passes to the retina.
puppet a toylike figure of a human or animal that can be manipulated by a hand inserted within its hollow body, or by strings held from above. (See marionette). [2 definitions]
puppeteer someone who manipulates puppets to entertain others.
puppetry the art or practice of making or operating puppets.
puppet show a play or performance in which puppets are the main or sole characters.
puppy a dog that is not fully grown, usu. less than one year old. [2 definitions]
puppy love infatuation or immature love, esp. between a boy and girl.
pup tent a small tent for two persons.
purana (often cap.) any of a group of eighteen Hindu epics, containing fables and stories that deal with creation, the gods, genealogy, and the like.
purblind suffering from very poor eyesight; nearly blind. [2 definitions]
purchase to obtain by exchanging money for; buy. [5 definitions]
purdah the Muslim or Hindu practice of keeping women hidden from men outside their own family. [2 definitions]
pure composed of only one substance, element, or quality; not mixed. [8 definitions]
purebred bred from animals whose pure lineage can be documented. [2 definitions]
purée a food that has been reduced to a uniform, pulpy consistency, as by straining. [2 definitions]
purely in a pure manner. [2 definitions]
purfle a decorative border, such as the inlaid border of a violin; purfling. [2 definitions]