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put through the wringer to subject to a difficult ordeal, such as an interrogation.
putting green the area of closely mowed turf around each hole in a golf course. [2 definitions]
putto (Italian) a young male angel or cupid, often represented in baroque and rococo art.
put to to ask (a certain question) to (someone); pose (a question) to. [3 definitions]
put to a vote to submit (an issue, matter, or the like) to be decided upon by voting, or to carry out a vote on.
put to bed to prepare someone, such as a child or disabled person, for rest or sleep in a bed.
put together to construct something from parts. [3 definitions]
put to shame to cause to feel ashamed; disgrace. [2 definitions]
put to the sword to kill, esp. with a sword; execute.
put to use to apply or employ to one's advantage.
putty any of several semisolid, pliable substances used for sealing joints, securing window panes, filling small holes, and the like. [2 definitions]
putty knife a tool with a broad, flexible blade for applying putty.
puttyless combined form of putty.
put-up (informal) planned or arranged secretly beforehand.
put up to erect or construct (something). [11 definitions]
put up with to accept or live with (a difficult thing or person); tolerate.
put words in one's mouth to misinterpret or misrepresent what someone has said.
putz (slang) a stupid person; fool. [3 definitions]
puzzle a toy or enjoyable problem that requires thought, and sometimes manipulation of something, for a solution. [4 definitions]
puzzled made unsure or confused because of conflicting, missing, or unclear information; confused; perplexed.
puzzlement a condition of being mystified or confused. [2 definitions]