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rakish2 smart-looking or stylish; dashing; jaunty. [2 definitions]
rale an abnormal bubbling or rattling sound in a respiratory tract, often an indication of disease.
Raleigh the capital of North Carolina.
rallentando gradually slowing in tempo; ritardando (used as a musical direction).
rally1 to regather and reorganize after a fall into disorder, or to inspire with renewed spirit after a setback. [12 definitions]
rally2 to tease good-naturedly. [2 definitions]
Ralph Waldo Emerson U.S. essayist and poet and one of the founders of the Transcendentalist movement (b.1803--d.1882).
RAM abbreviation of "random-access memory."
ram a male sheep. [9 definitions]
Ramachandra the hero in the Ramayana.
ramada an open or partially enclosed shelter, usu. with a thatched roof, designed to provide shade.
Ramadan the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. [2 definitions]
Ramallah a city just north of Jerusalem in the West Bank.
ramapithecine of or relating to an extinct group of hominoids of Asia, Africa, and Europe, considered by some authorities to be ancestors of humans. [2 definitions]
Ramayana an ancient Sanskrit epic attributed to Valmiki, which recounts the lives of Ramachandra and his wife Sita, and is considered to be the bible of Hinduism.
ramble to wander leisurely or aimlessly; follow a winding or irregular course; meander. [5 definitions]
rambler one that rambles. [2 definitions]
rambling wandering or roaming aimlessly. [3 definitions]
Rambouillet one of a breed of large hardy sheep yielding long fine wool and mutton of good quality.
rambunctious wildly or uncontrollably active; difficult to control; boisterous.
ramekin a food made of bread crumbs, cheese, and eggs, served in small, individual dishes. [2 definitions]