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rapidly quickly; at a fast pace or in a short time.
rapids a fast-moving part of a river or stream that flows over rocks and can be difficult or dangerous to navigate through (used with either a singular or plural verb).
rapid transit a system of metropolitan public transportation, such as a subway, that uses elevated and underground electric trains moving quickly and unimpeded through the city.
rapier a narrow-bladed, sharp-pointed sword used in the eighteenth century for thrusting. [2 definitions]
rapine the taking of property by force; robbery; plunder.
rappel the act of descending a sheer cliff or mountainside by means of a double rope around the body that allows the climber to control the rate of descent. [2 definitions]
rappen the centime of Switzerland.
rapper a door knocker. [3 definitions]
rapport a sympathetic or agreeable relationship; mutual affinity.
rapprochement the renewal or establishment of a friendly relationship, esp. between nations; state of reconciliation.
rapscallion a mischievous person; rascal.
rapt completely engrossed. [2 definitions]
raptly with complete attention.
raptor a bird of prey.
raptorial preying upon other animals; predatory. [3 definitions]
rapture extreme joy; ecstasy; bliss. [2 definitions]
rapture of the deep the early stage of nitrogen narcosis, a condition experienced by deep-sea divers under increased air pressure that resembles the sensation of intoxication.
rapturous feeling or showing great joy or ecstasy; blissful.
rara avis (Latin) rare bird; a rare, special, or unique person or thing.
rare1 happening or being found very infrequently; uncommon. [4 definitions]
rare2 of meat, cooked briefly to retain juices and redness in the interior.