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raw silk silk that has been taken directly from the cocoon.
ray1 a thin beam of radiation, esp. light. [3 definitions]
ray2 any of various fishes having cartilaginous skeletons, flattened bodies, large pectoral fins, and long narrow tails.
rayed having, or being in the form of, rays or raylike extensions.
ray flower any of the flowers around the border of the head of a composite plant such as the daisy.
Rayleigh wave a wave on the surface of a solid, such as that caused on the surface of the earth by an earthquake.
Raynaud's disease a vascular disease causing numbness and discoloration of the tips of the hands and feet, often caused by exposure to cold or by stress.
rayon a thread made by converting a solution of a natural pulp, usu. cellulose, into filament by extruding through spinnerets. [2 definitions]
raze to knock down or tear down (a structure); level.
razor an instrument that has a very sharp, replaceable blade or blades and is used for shaving away body or facial hair. [4 definitions]
razorback a wild hog of the southeastern United States, descended from domestic stock and having a sharp ridge on the back. [2 definitions]
razor clam any of various burrowing clams having long, narrow, rectangular shells.
razor-sharp extremely sharp. [2 definitions]
razzle-dazzle (informal) a flashy display used to deceive or bewilder, esp. as a strategy in football.
razzmatazz (informal) flashy or deceptive action or language; razzle-dazzle. [2 definitions]
Rb symbol of the chemical element rubidium.
rBGH abbreviation of recombinant bovine growth hormone, a genetically engineered hormone injected into dairy cows to increase their milk production.
RBI abbreviation of "run batted in" or "runs batted in."
RC abbreviation of "Roman Catholic."
RD abbreviation of "rural delivery," delivery of mail along rural routes, usu. to a roadside mailbox rather than to the door.
Rd. abbreviation of "Road," a long, narrow course, with a smooth and often paved surface, made for the passage of vehicles and people (used as a part of a proper name).