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re1 in music, the syllable that denotes the second tone of a diatonic scale. (See sol-fa.) [2 definitions]
re2 having to do with; in reference to; concerning.
re- anew; again. [3 definitions]
reabsorption the process of the body reabsorbing a substance, such as sugar that has been filtered out of blood by the kidneys.
reaccelerate combined form of accelerate.
reaccept combined form of accept.
reaccession combined form of accession.
reacclimatize combined form of acclimatize.
reaccredit combined form of accredit.
reaccreditation combined form of accreditation.
reach to extend or expand as far as. [13 definitions]
reachable combined form of reach.
reacquaint combined form of acquaint.
reacquire combined form of acquire.
reacquisition combined form of acquisition.
react to act in response to a stimulus or influence (often fol. by "to"). [4 definitions]
re-act to act, perform, or do again.
reactance in electronics, one of several measurable components of the total resistance in a circuit to the flow of alternating current.
reactant a component that is changed in a chemical reaction.
reaction a movement, action, or response in reverse direction or manner. [6 definitions]
reactionary characterized by reaction, esp. political movement toward extreme conservatism. [2 definitions]