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reacquaint combined form of acquaint.
reacquire combined form of acquire.
reacquisition combined form of acquisition.
react to act in response to a stimulus or influence (often fol. by "to"). [4 definitions]
re-act to act, perform, or do again.
reactance in electronics, one of several measurable components of the total resistance in a circuit to the flow of alternating current.
reactant a component that is changed in a chemical reaction.
reaction a movement, action, or response in reverse direction or manner. [6 definitions]
reactionary characterized by reaction, esp. political movement toward extreme conservatism. [2 definitions]
reaction engine an engine, such as a rocket or jet engine, that develops forward thrust by the rearward expulsion of matter, esp. ignited fuel gases.
reaction formation in psychoanalysis, the expression of a behavior that is opposite to a repressed impulse.
reaction time the interval of time between a stimulus and a response.
reactivate to restore to an active state or operating condition.
reactivation combined form of activation.
reactive characterized by reaction or response to a stimulus; tending to react.
reactor in physics, an apparatus for starting and controlling a nuclear chain reaction; nuclear reactor. [2 definitions]
read1 to examine and comprehend the meaning of (something written). [16 definitions]
read2 past tense and past participle of read1.
readable enjoyable or interesting to read. [2 definitions]
read between the lines to discern implied meaning from what is actually said or written.
readdress to alter or correct an address on (an envelope, package, or the like). [2 definitions]