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receiving set a device that receives television or radio signals; receiver.
recension an editorial revision of a text based on critical examination of various versions of it. [2 definitions]
recent of or occurring in the immediate past. [4 definitions]
recently in the near past.
recentrifuge combined form of centrifuge.
receptacle a container for receiving and storing something. [2 definitions]
reception the act or process of receiving or obtaining something. [6 definitions]
reception desk the place where one reports one's arrival and is greeted at a hotel or office, or at a large function.
receptionist an office worker employed primarily to greet visitors, screen telephone calls, and answer routine questions.
reception room a room, esp. in an office, where visitors or clients are received.
receptive capable of or willing to receive. [2 definitions]
receptor in biochemistry, a protein that receives a chemical signal sent from another cell, and elicits a cellular response. [2 definitions]
recertification combined form of certification.
recertify combined form of certify.
recess a limited break in ongoing activity, such as courtroom proceedings or school classes. [5 definitions]
recession1 a period of reduced or declining economic activity. [3 definitions]
recession2 a ceding again; return of a former possession.
recessional of or pertaining to a recession. [2 definitions]
recessive in genetics, of an allele or trait whose influence or characteristic does not appear when combined with a masking or dominant allele or trait. (Cf. dominant). [3 definitions]
rechallenge combined form of challenge.
rechannel combined form of channel.