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recessional of or pertaining to a recession. [2 definitions]
recessive in genetics, of an allele or trait whose influence or characteristic does not appear when combined with a masking or dominant allele or trait. (Cf. dominant). [3 definitions]
rechallenge combined form of challenge.
rechannel combined form of channel.
recharge to charge once again, or repeatedly. [2 definitions]
rechargeable combined form of recharge.
recharter combined form of charter.
recheck combined form of check.
recherché sought or developed with great care; uncommon. [3 definitions]
rechoreograph combined form of choreograph.
rechristen combined form of christen.
re-Christianize combined form of Christianize.
recidivism chronic return to bad habits, esp. criminal relapse.
recipe step-by-step instructions for preparing a food dish. [2 definitions]
recipient one who receives or is eligible to receive something. [2 definitions]
reciprocal involving an exchange, as of feelings, actions, or things, between two parties; mutual. [3 definitions]
reciprocate to give (feelings or things) in return. [4 definitions]
reciprocating engine an engine in which the back-and-forth motion of the pistons turns the crankshaft.
reciprocity the condition of maintaining a reciprocal relationship. [2 definitions]
recirculate combined form of circulate.
recirculation combined form of circulation.