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recontamination combined form of contamination.
recontour combined form of contour.
reconvene combined form of convene.
reconversion combined form of conversion.
reconvert to change back to a previously held but abandoned belief, status, or character.
reconvict combined form of convict.
reconviction combined form of conviction.
reconvince combined form of convince.
recopy combined form of copy.
record to put in writing or some other form as evidence. [15 definitions]
recordable combined form of record.
record changer a mechanical device on a record turntable that holds a stack of records and allows them to play one at a time; changer.
recorder a person hired or appointed to keep records. [3 definitions]
recording the act or process of taking down audio or video data so that it can be heard or viewed at a later time. [2 definitions]
record player a machine to play records, usu. including a turntable, tone arm, amplifier, and speakers; phonograph.
recork combined form of cork.
recount to tell a history of events; relate; narrate. [2 definitions]
re-count to count again. [2 definitions]
recoup to regain, or recover an equivalent in value of, (something lost, stolen, or damaged). [2 definitions]
recoupable combined form of recoup.
recourse access to or the use of something for help, protection, or legal assistance. [3 definitions]