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redbreast a bird with a red breast, esp. a robin. [2 definitions]
redbrick designating any British university or college other than Oxford or Cambridge.
redbud any of several small trees or shrubs that bear small budlike pink flowers before the leaves appear.
redcap a baggage porter, esp. in a railway station.
red carpet a red strip of carpet rolled out for visiting dignitaries. [2 definitions]
red cedar either of two types of evergreen tree with red wood, one of the eastern United States and one of the west. [2 definitions]
red cent (informal) a penny as a symbol of insignificance.
redcoat a British soldier in colonial America, esp. during the American Revolution.
Red Cross an international organization devoted to providing medical care during war and natural disasters.
red deer a deer of Europe and Asia with a reddish summer coat.
redden to become red. [3 definitions]
red dwarf a small star with relatively low surface heat and weak luminosity.
rededicate combined form of dedicate.
rededication combined form of dedication.
redeem to pay off (a debt). [7 definitions]
redeemable able to be redeemed. [2 definitions]
redeeming compensatory; off-setting.
redefect combined form of defect.
redeliver combined form of deliver.
redelivery combined form of delivery.
redemption the act of redeeming or the state of being redeemed. [5 definitions]