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red herring something intended to distract attention from the main issue; misleading clue or false trail. [2 definitions]
red-hot red or glowing with, or as though with, intense heat. [5 definitions]
redigestion combined form of digestion.
redingote a woman's full-length dress or coat, usu. belted and open in front to reveal a dress or petticoat underneath.
redirect to direct to a different destination or by a different route. [2 definitions]
rediscount to discount again, or further. [3 definitions]
rediscountable combined form of rediscount.
rediscount rate the rate of interest a member bank pays to borrow money from the Federal Reserve Bank, using top grade commercial paper as collateral.
rediscover combined form of discover.
rediscovery combined form of discovery.
rediscuss combined form of discuss.
redisplay combined form of display.
redispose combined form of dispose.
redisposition combined form of disposition.
redissolve combined form of dissolve.
redistill combined form of distill.
redistillation combined form of distillation.
redistribute to distribute again, often in different ways or amounts.
redistrict to change the boundary lines of (districts, esp. electoral ones).
redivide combined form of divide.
redivision combined form of division.