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redivision combined form of division.
redivivus restored to life; revived; reborn or renewed.
red lead a poisonous red powder of lead oxide, used in paints, pottery, and glassmaking.
red-letter significant, as a happy occasion; memorable.
red light a red-colored electric light at an intersection indicating that traffic is to stop; stoplight. [2 definitions]
red-light district an area in a town where there are many brothels.
redline of lenders and insurers, to refuse to lend money or extend insurance to residents of certain neighborhoods, esp. those neighborhoods made up of poor or minority residents. [2 definitions]
redlining the illegal practice of refusing to lend money or extend insurance to residents of certain neighborhoods, esp. poor or deteriorating ones, or neighborhoods made up primarily or partially of minority residents.
red meat meat that has a red color before cooking, such as beef, venison, or mutton.
redneck (chiefly American)(informal; usu. derogatory) a poor, white, rural person. [2 definitions]
redo to do again; do over. [2 definitions]
red oak any of several North American oaks that have dark bark, leaves with pointed tips, and a two-year maturation for their acorns. [2 definitions]
redolent permeated by or giving off a strong, usu. pleasant, odor; aromatic (usu. fol. by "with"). [2 definitions]
redouble to double or make twice as great; renew more vigorously; intensify. [7 definitions]
redoubt a small, independent, fortified enclosure for defense or protection. [2 definitions]
redoubtable inspiring fear; formidable. [2 definitions]
redound to yield or produce an effect, as on one's credit, honor, or the like. [3 definitions]
redox used as a short form of "oxidation-reduction," a chemical reaction in which one substance loses electrons to another substance. [2 definitions]
red pepper cayenne pepper. [2 definitions]
Red Planet see Mars.
redpoll any of various small finches characterized by a red patch on the crown of the head.