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relief1 the ease resulting from the removal of pain, distress, or anxiety. [5 definitions]
relief2 the projection of forms or figures from a background surface, as on certain types of maps. [2 definitions]
relief map a map on which topography is indicated by using three dimensions, varied or graded colors, or shadings.
relief pitcher in baseball, a pitcher brought into a game to relieve another pitcher, often at a crucial moment. [2 definitions]
relief valve a valve that opens automatically to relieve pressure, as in a boiler; safety valve.
relieve to ease or reduce (pain, suffering, need, worry, or the like). [5 definitions]
relieved feeling or showing relief from fear, worry, or the like.
relievo the projection of figures or designs from a background; relief. [2 definitions]
religion a set of beliefs concerned with explaining the origins and purposes of the universe, usu. involving belief in a supernatural creator and offering guidance in ethics and morals. [4 definitions]
religionism excessive religious zeal, esp. that marked by pretension or affectation.
religionless combined form of religion.
religiosity the quality of being religious, esp. to excess or in an affected manner; pietism or sanctimony.
religious relating to or concerned with religion. [5 definitions]
reline to put new lines on. [2 definitions]
relink combined form of link.
relinquish to surrender, release, or let go of; give up.
reliquary a container or shrine in which relics are kept or displayed.
reliquefy combined form of liquefy.
relish a great enjoyment or appreciation of something, esp. food or drink. [6 definitions]
relishable combined form of relish.
relive to experience or live over again, often in the imagination.