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reminisce to recall past experiences, often with fondness or pleasure.
reminiscence the act of recalling usu. pleasant experiences or events of the past. [3 definitions]
reminiscent having qualities or characteristics that remind one of someone or something (usu. fol. by "of"). [2 definitions]
remiss careless or negligent, esp. in the performance of one's duty. [2 definitions]
remissible capable of being forgiven.
remission an act or instance of remitting. [4 definitions]
remit to send (money) to someone or some place. [8 definitions]
remittal an act or instance of remitting; remission.
remittance money that is sent to someone or some place, usu. in payment. [2 definitions]
remittance man a man who lives abroad, as, formerly, in a British colony, supported mostly by remittances from home.
remittent marked by a temporary lessening or abatement in intensity or severity, as a fever or illness.
remix combined form of mix.
remnant a quantity, piece, or part that is left over or remains. [4 definitions]
remobilization combined form of mobilization.
remobilize combined form of mobilize.
remodel to rebuild or reconstruct in a new design; remake.
remoisten combined form of moisten.
remonetization combined form of monetization.
remonetize combined form of monetize.
remonstrance the act or an instance of protesting or objecting. [2 definitions]
remonstrant characterized by protest or strong objection; expostulatory. [2 definitions]