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remunerative providing or likely to provide payment or reward; profitable.
Remus in Roman legend, the twin brother of Romulus, the founder of Rome.
remythologize combined form of mythologize.
renail combined form of nail.
renaissance a rebirth, renewal, or revival. [5 definitions]
renal of, relating to, or situated near the kidneys.
rename to give a new name to. [2 definitions]
renascence (sometimes cap.) the state or an instance of rebirth or revival; renaissance.
renascent being renewed or reborn; having new life or vigor.
renationalization combined form of nationalization.
renationalize combined form of nationalize.
rend to tear or separate into pieces with force or violence. [4 definitions]
render to present for payment or consideration. [7 definitions]
renderable combined form of render.
rendering an interpretive performance of a dramatic or musical creation. [3 definitions]
rendezvous a meeting that has been arranged beforehand. [5 definitions]
rendition an interpretive performance of a dramatic or musical work. [2 definitions]
René Descartes a French philosopher and mathematician (b.1596--d.1650).
renegade someone who deserts a religion, cause, or group to follow another; traitor. [3 definitions]
renege to fail to do what one has promised; go back on one's word. [2 definitions]
renest combined form of nest.