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replicate to repeat or duplicate. [4 definitions]
replication the repeating of an experiment under the original conditions. [4 definitions]
replumb combined form of plumb.
reply to express an answer in words or writing. [6 definitions]
repo1 (informal) a repurchase agreement, as of securities.
repo2 (informal) repossessed property, as by a mortgagee or the government.
repoll combined form of poll.
repopularize combined form of popularize.
repopulate combined form of populate.
repopulation combined form of population.
report a statement or account of something, usu. detailed. [11 definitions]
reportable combined form of report.
reportage the act or process of reporting or giving an account of news events of general interest. [2 definitions]
report card a written report of the progress of a school student, usu. sent to the student's guardian or parent.
reportedly according to rumor or report.
reporter one who gathers, writes, or announces news presented in the media. [3 definitions]
repose1 the state of being at rest. [7 definitions]
repose2 to put or place (confidence, hope, or the like) in someone or something.
repository a container or place where things may be stored; storage unit or space. [3 definitions]
repossess to take possession of again, esp. for failure to pay money that is owed.
reprehend to find fault with or blame; rebuke or reprove.