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represent to denote or serve as a symbol for. [7 definitions]
representable combined form of represent.
representation the act or process of representing, or the state of being represented. [5 definitions]
representational of or based on representation. [2 definitions]
representative one that represents others or another. [9 definitions]
repress to restrain or prevent the expression of (feelings, utterances, or the like). [3 definitions]
re-press to press again.
repression the act of repression or condition of being repressed. [2 definitions]
repressive acting or tending to restrain or subdue.
repressurize combined form of pressurize.
reprice combined form of price.
reprieve to release (someone) temporarily or permanently from planned or impending punishment, pain, or difficulty. [4 definitions]
reprimand a strong, usu. formal statement of disapproval; rebuke. [2 definitions]
reprint to make another print or printing of; print again. [3 definitions]
reprisal injury inflicted in retaliation for injury received, as in war; revenge. [2 definitions]
reprise repetition of a musical phrase or theme in an identical or slightly altered way. [2 definitions]
repro see reproduction proof.
reproach to express disapproval of or disappointment with (someone); censure. [4 definitions]
reproachable combined form of reproach.
reproachful expressing or full of reproach or accusation.
reprobate an evil or lawless person, often beyond hope of redemption. [4 definitions]