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Republic of the Congo a country in Central Africa, south of Gabon and north of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Republic of the Congo was formerly known as the French Congo. Brazzaville is the capital; Congo.
repudiate to reject completely as invalid or untrue. [3 definitions]
repugnance strong dislike, distaste, or aversion. [2 definitions]
repugnant extremely distasteful to one's senses or principles; disgusting. [2 definitions]
repulse to force backward or repel (an attack or the like). [4 definitions]
repulsion the act of repelling, or the condition of being repelled. [2 definitions]
repulsive prompting disgust or aversion; distasteful. [2 definitions]
repunctuation combined form of punctuation.
repurchase combined form of purchase.
repurify combined form of purify.
reputable having a good reputation. [2 definitions]
reputation the estimation or level of respect in which a person is held by others. [3 definitions]
repute reputation. [3 definitions]
reputed generally supposed or assumed.
reputedly according to popular belief; supposedly.
request the act of asking for something, or the wish that is expressed. [5 definitions]
requiem (cap.) in the Catholic Church, a special ceremony for a dead person. [2 definitions]
requiem shark any of several mostly tropical, voracious sharks such as the tiger shark.
requiescat in pace (Latin) may he or she rest in peace (used as a wish or prayer for the dead).
require to need. [4 definitions]
required having to be done; demanded; not optional.